Powering the Future

FPL takes an artistic approach to solar energy.

Expert Tips to Help Keep Maskne at Bay

Dr. Jacob Steiger, a double board-certified plastic surgeon, walks us through a four-step maskne fighting routine.

Wear the Bear to Support COVID-19 Relief

Donate in Dad's honor to support the Nicklaus Children's Health Care Foundation's COVID-19 relief initiatives.

The Art of Relaxation

One of the keys to longevity is self-care, and there's no better way to ignite the senses than with a soothing trip to the spa. Here, we outline several options to suit your R&R personality.

5 Ways to Improve Posture and Mobility While Working From Home

These expert tips will help make WFH a little more comfortable. 

Unplug for More Mindful Living

These expert tips will guide you through a digital detox to increase mindfulness and feel more present.

Mind Does Matter

In Broward County, there are many ways to bring a sense of awareness and serenity to your daily life and self-care routine.

DIY Beauty Recipes from Anantara Spas

Beauty experts from the resort's luxury spas share recipes for indulgent homemade skin, hair, and lip treatments. 

The Healing Power And Multifaceted Uses Of Honey

Ancient civilizations sang honey’s praises in the earliest written languages and gifted this ambrosial elixir to their gods. Traditionally known for its healing antibacterial...

What It’s Like Teaching The Always-Connected Generation

It would be easy to make some assumptions about today’s generation. The negative among us will point to the time they spend nose-down in their...

7 Self Care Products To Buy For 2020

For your New Year’s resolution, be sure to take care of your entire body, head to toe. These seven products are a great place...

6 SPF-Infused Products You Need For Living In South Florida

Safeguard skin from spots, wrinkles and, heaven forbid, harmful malignancies with SPF-infused products that mix in extra benefits, like smoother skin.

South Florida Spa Treatments Worth Splurging On

Discover South Florida’s revolutionary spa treatments to try now.






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